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Explore high quality wallpapers of Blue from Colors collection in HD and 4K resolutions. Dont wait any longer to set these stunning wallpapers as your homescreen or lockscreen background on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or any other Android smartphone. Download these cool Blue backgrounds from this page for free.

Abstract background, Colorful background, Blue background, Windows 11 3840x2160 px Download abstract background, colorful background, blue background, windows 11

Windows 11, Blue background 3840x2160 px Download windows 11, blue background

iPad Air 2022, Stock, Blue background, Dark Mode 3840x3840 px Download ipad air 2022, stock, blue background, dark mode

Colorful flower, Blue background, Blossom, Bloom 3840x2160 px Download colorful flower, blue background, blossom, bloom

Waves, Blue, Gradient background, Stock 3200x2560 px Download waves, blue, gradient background, stock

Hydrangea Flowers, Blue flowers, Blue Hydrangeas, Water droplets, Dew Drops, Blue background 3840x2563 px Download hydrangea flowers, blue flowers, blue hydrangeas, water droplets, dew drops, blue background

Windows logo, Blue background, Windows 11, Floating objects, Shapes 3840x2160 px Download windows logo, blue background, windows 11, floating objects, shapes

Windows 11, Windows 365, Blocks, 3D background, Blue background 4416x2484 px Download windows 11, windows 365, blocks, 3d background, blue background

iPadOS, Stock, Blue, White background, iPad, iOS 13, HD 3208x3208 px Download ipados, stock, blue, white background, ipad, ios 13, hd

Bugatti W16 Mistral, Roadster, Hypercars, 2024, Blue background, 5K 5616x3159 px Download bugatti w16 mistral, roadster, hypercars, 2024, blue background, 5k

Samsung Galaxy S21, Stock, AMOLED, Particles, Blue, Black background 3200x3200 px Download samsung galaxy s21, stock, amoled, particles, blue, black background

Cool glasses, Drippy Sunglasses, 3D Psychedelic, Low poly, Blue abstract, Drippy 4200x2366 px Download cool glasses, drippy sunglasses, 3d psychedelic, low poly, blue abstract, drippy

Alone, Lonely, Mood, Blue Sky, Horizon, Panoramic, Crescent Moon, 5K 7520x3200 px Download alone, lonely, mood, blue sky, horizon, panoramic, crescent moon, 5k

Windows 11, Stock, Blue background, Windows logo 4092x2298 px Download windows 11, stock, blue background, windows logo

Android 10, Stock, Vivo NEX, Gradients, Blue 4512x2160 px Download android 10, stock, vivo nex, gradients, blue

Blue Jellyfish, Aquarium, Underwater, Glowing, Marine life, Transparent, Dark background, 5K 6000x4000 px Download blue jellyfish, aquarium, underwater, glowing, marine life, transparent, dark background, 5k

Windows 10, Blue background, Anniversary Edition 4092x2298 px Download windows 10, blue background, anniversary edition

Camera Lens, Nikon Lens, Zoom Lens, Macro, Blue background 3840x2400 px Download camera lens, nikon lens, zoom lens, macro, blue background

Blue background, Circles, Frosty 3840x2160 px Download blue background, circles, frosty

Modern architecture, Building, Office, Geometric, Blue background, Symmetric 3724x5182 px Download modern architecture, building, office, geometric, blue background, symmetric

Earth, Milky Way, Astronomy, Digital composition, Dark background, Dark blue 3840x2400 px Download earth, milky way, astronomy, digital composition, dark background, dark blue

iPhone 13, Stock, iOS 15, Gradient background, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13, Blue background 4674x2160 px Download iphone 13, stock, ios 15, gradient background, iphone 13 pro max, iphone 13, blue background

Tiles, Blue background, Squares, Blue tiles, Blue squares 3840x2400 px Download tiles, blue background, squares, blue tiles, blue squares

Water droplets, Blue background 3840x2560 px Download water droplets, blue background

Matterhorn, Alps mountains, Night, Dark, Silhouette, Panorama, Blue Sky, Stellisee Lake, Reflection, Midnight, Scenery, Aesthetic 3840x2400 px Download matterhorn, alps mountains, night, dark, silhouette, panorama, blue sky, stellisee lake, reflection, midnight, scenery, aesthetic

Selsey Lifeboat Station, England, Seascape, Blue background, Moonlight, Pier, Long exposure, Reflection, 5K 6143x4100 px Download selsey lifeboat station, england, seascape, blue background, moonlight, pier, long exposure, reflection, 5k

Glass, Light, Abstract background, Blue background, 3D background 4000x2370 px Download glass, light, abstract background, blue background, 3d background

Windows logo, Blue, Layers, 5K, Blue background 4500x4500 px Download windows logo, blue, layers, 5k, blue background

Alone, Beach, Lonely, Mood, Blue Sky, Horizon, Panoramic, 5K 7520x3200 px Download alone, beach, lonely, mood, blue sky, horizon, panoramic, 5k

Sonic the Hedgehog, Blue background, 5K 5120x2880 px Download sonic the hedgehog, blue background, 5k

Maserati Ghibli S Q4 F Tributo, 2021, Blue background 3840x2429 px Download maserati ghibli s q4 f tributo, 2021, blue background

Symmetrical, Waves, Blue, 5K 5120x2880 px Download symmetrical, waves, blue, 5k

Design, Pattern, Imagination, Blue, Bright 3572x2160 px Download design, pattern, imagination, blue, bright

Seascape, Blue, Horizon, Clear sky, Ocean, Rocks, Sunrise, Dawn, Blue Sky, 5K 5119x2185 px Download seascape, blue, horizon, clear sky, ocean, rocks, sunrise, dawn, blue sky, 5k

Sunset, Illustration, 5K, Blue aesthetic, Circle, Ocean 6000x4000 px Download sunset, illustration, 5k, blue aesthetic, circle, ocean

Windows 11, Bloom collection, White background, Blue abstract 3840x2160 px Download windows 11, bloom collection, white background, blue abstract

Fluidic, Glossy, Gradient background, Blue background 3840x3840 px Download fluidic, glossy, gradient background, blue background

Jellyfishes, Underwater, Blue, Under the Sea, 5K 5472x3420 px Download jellyfishes, underwater, blue, under the sea, 5k

Dubrovnik Hills, Foggy, Landscape, Blue, Cold, Croatia, 5K 6016x3384 px Download dubrovnik hills, foggy, landscape, blue, cold, croatia, 5k

Seascape, Aerial view, Blue, OS X Mountain Lion, Stock 3200x2000 px Download seascape, aerial view, blue, os x mountain lion, stock

Fabric, Cloth, Blue background, Material, Selective Focus, Macro, 5K, 8K 7680x5120 px Download fabric, cloth, blue background, material, selective focus, macro, 5k, 8k

Lamborghini Huracan, Blue, Dark 4094x2731 px Download lamborghini huracan, blue, dark

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