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Explore high quality wallpapers of Lakes from Nature collection in HD and 4K resolutions. Dont wait any longer to set these stunning wallpapers as your homescreen or lockscreen background on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or any other Android smartphone. Download these cool Lakes backgrounds from this page for free.

Mirror Lake Dreamlike, Rainbow, Surreal, AI art 3840x2160 px Download mirror lake dreamlike, rainbow, surreal, ai art

Orceyrette Lake, France, Scenery, Outdoor, Autumn background, Fall, 5K, 8K, Wooden pier 7680x5120 px Download orceyrette lake, france, scenery, outdoor, autumn background, fall, 5k, 8k, wooden pier

Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, Lake, Sunset, Reflection, Southern Alps, New Zealand, Motorola Edge 30 Neo, Stock 3840x2160 px Download aoraki mount cook national park, lake, sunset, reflection, southern alps, new zealand, motorola edge 30 neo, stock

Landscape, Evening, Sunset, Forest, Mountains, Lake, Reflection, Windows 11 3840x2400 px Download landscape, evening, sunset, forest, mountains, lake, reflection, windows 11

Landscape, Windows 11, Lake, Forest, Day time 3600x2400 px Download landscape, windows 11, lake, forest, day time

Chalet, Antholzer See, Lake Antholz, Nature Park Rieserferner-Ahrn, Autumn, Reflection, Forest, Italy 5120x3646 px Download chalet, antholzer see, lake antholz, nature park rieserferner-ahrn, autumn, reflection, forest, italy

Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Sunset, Reflection, Forest, Landscape, Colorado, 5K 5739x3228 px Download bear lake, rocky mountain national park, sunset, reflection, forest, landscape, colorado, 5k

Mountains, Sunset, Evening sky, Landscape, Lake, Body of Water, Reflections, Starry sky, 5K, 8K 7179x4791 px Download mountains, sunset, evening sky, landscape, lake, body of water, reflections, starry sky, 5k, 8k

Banner Peak, Thousand Island Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness, California, Reflection, Landscape, 5K 6000x3375 px Download banner peak, thousand island lake, ansel adams wilderness, california, reflection, landscape, 5k

Karula National Park, Lake, Aerial view, Drone photo, Forest, Trees, Estonia, Landscape, Scenic 4406x2478 px Download karula national park, lake, aerial view, drone photo, forest, trees, estonia, landscape, scenic

Lake Matheson, New Zealand, Mirror Lake, Reflection, Foggy, Snow covered, Mountain View, Sunrise, Early Morning, 5K 4811x3207 px Download lake matheson, new zealand, mirror lake, reflection, foggy, snow covered, mountain view, sunrise, early morning, 5k

Lake Erskine, Southern Alps, New Zealand, Mountain top, Aerial view, Glacier mountains, Landscape, 5K 6666x6200 px Download lake erskine, southern alps, new zealand, mountain top, aerial view, glacier mountains, landscape, 5k

Mountains, Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu, Landscape, New Zealand, 5K 5694x3567 px Download mountains, queenstown, lake wakatipu, landscape, new zealand, 5k

Panorama Ridge, Garibaldi Lake, Canada, Sunset, Mountain range, Snow covered, Reflection, 5K 4672x3122 px Download panorama ridge, garibaldi lake, canada, sunset, mountain range, snow covered, reflection, 5k

Autumn trees, Forest, Pink sky, Sunset, Reflection, Mirror Lake, Beautiful, Scenery, 5K, 8K 8211x5474 px Download autumn trees, forest, pink sky, sunset, reflection, mirror lake, beautiful, scenery, 5k, 8k

Green Lake, Green Trees, Aerial view, Forest, Landscape, Woodland, Scenery 3840x2559 px Download green lake, green trees, aerial view, forest, landscape, woodland, scenery

Seealpsee lake, Switzerland, Rowing boat, Mirror Lake, Mountain Peak, Reflection, Blue Sky, Lakeside, Landscape, Scenery, Early Morning, 5K 5760x3840 px Download seealpsee lake, switzerland, rowing boat, mirror lake, mountain peak, reflection, blue sky, lakeside, landscape, scenery, early morning, 5k

Lake, Mountains, Forest, Sunny day, Summer, Reflections, Body of Water, Scenery, Landscape, Blue Sky 3840x2400 px Download lake, mountains, forest, sunny day, summer, reflections, body of water, scenery, landscape, blue sky

Jenny Lake, Landscape, Grand Teton National Park, Sunny day, Reflections, Mountains, Wyoming, Blue Sky, Tranquility 3840x2400 px Download jenny lake, landscape, grand teton national park, sunny day, reflections, mountains, wyoming, blue sky, tranquility

Karersee Lake, Latemar, Mountain range, Snow covered, Reflection, Green Trees, Landscape, Scenery, Woodland, Forest, 5K 6040x3916 px Download karersee lake, latemar, mountain range, snow covered, reflection, green trees, landscape, scenery, woodland, forest, 5k

Moraine Lake, Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park, Landscape, Reflection, Scenery, Alberta, Canada, Sunset, Evening sky, 5K 5472x3648 px Download moraine lake, rocky mountains, banff national park, landscape, reflection, scenery, alberta, canada, sunset, evening sky, 5k

Mountain lake, Reflection, Blue Water, Landscape, Scenery, 5K 5266x3403 px Download mountain lake, reflection, blue water, landscape, scenery, 5k

Vestrahorn, Iceland, Frozen lake, Mountain Peak, Mist, Winter, Reflection, Landscape, Scenery, 5K 4800x2594 px Download vestrahorn, iceland, frozen lake, mountain peak, mist, winter, reflection, landscape, scenery, 5k

Crestasee Lake, Autumn trees, Switzerland, Reflection, Mirror Lake, Fog, Landscape, Scenery, 5K 5424x3051 px Download crestasee lake, autumn trees, switzerland, reflection, mirror lake, fog, landscape, scenery, 5k

Lacs de Fenêtre, Mirror Lake, Mountain range, Reflection, Sunset, Afterglow, Long exposure, Landscape, Scenery, 5K 5436x3058 px Download lacs de fenêtre, mirror lake, mountain range, reflection, sunset, afterglow, long exposure, landscape, scenery, 5k

Blue lake, Mountain range, Snow covered, Landscape, Green Trees, Clear sky, Clouds, Reflection, Mirror Lake, Scenery, 5K 5120x3200 px Download blue lake, mountain range, snow covered, landscape, green trees, clear sky, clouds, reflection, mirror lake, scenery, 5k

McDonald Lake, Glacier National Park, Snow covered, Mountain range, Reflection, Landscape, Scenery, Body of Water, Panoramic, 5K 6000x2242 px Download mcdonald lake, glacier national park, snow covered, mountain range, reflection, landscape, scenery, body of water, panoramic, 5k

Key Summit, New Zealand, Hiking area, Lake, Reflection, Green Moss, Mountain range, Landscape, Green Trees, Clear sky 3840x2400 px Download key summit, new zealand, hiking area, lake, reflection, green moss, mountain range, landscape, green trees, clear sky

Lac des Quirlies, Mountain lake, France, Snow covered, Landscape, Reflection, Glacier, Rocks 3840x2400 px Download lac des quirlies, mountain lake, france, snow covered, landscape, reflection, glacier, rocks

Mirror Lake, Green Trees, Forest, Glacier mountains, Snow covered, Cloudy Sky, Reflection, Body of Water, Landscape, Scenery 3840x2400 px Download mirror lake, green trees, forest, glacier mountains, snow covered, cloudy sky, reflection, body of water, landscape, scenery

Mountain Hut, Mirror Lake, Snow covered, Glacier mountains, Sunset, Dusk, Reflection, Mountain range, Peaks 3840x2400 px Download mountain hut, mirror lake, snow covered, glacier mountains, sunset, dusk, reflection, mountain range, peaks

Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, Landscape, Green Trees, Blue Sky, Beautiful, Scenery, Reflection, 5K 5120x3200 px Download sprague lake, rocky mountain national park, colorado, landscape, green trees, blue sky, beautiful, scenery, reflection, 5k

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